Choose your industry below and learn about the payment processing solutions we offer for your business needs. Do not be concerned If you didn’t find your specific industry below. PayAssist personnel have a history of working to provide credit card payment systems to a wide variety of merchants and service providers, so chances are we already have experience in your industry or business sector.

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We make it easy for your customer to spend by providing you with the appropriate hardware and software products and services that work right for your type of business.

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E-Commerce Industry Processing

Accepting payments online requires special consideration from interchange to cost to chargeback management. We help you establish your storefront in a secure online transaction processing environment.

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Cutting-edge products and services from PayAssist get the job done regardless of the type of restaurant you run — small-to-medium sized, single or multiple location, fine or casual dining, quick service or bar/nightclub, food truck or kiosk. That’s because we tailor a transaction processing package to meet your every need.

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Custom-designed processing solutions, state-of-the art products and services.

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We help healthcare professionals and institutions by applying efficiency, seamless integration and industry expertise to patient responsibility payment processing.

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Our solutions for donor and member payments are solely focused on helping your bottom line. They’re built for the unique needs of non-face-to-face transactions (phone, mail, and digital) and are designed to make every dollar count.

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PayAssist understands the unique processing-specific needs and challenges of the public sector revenue centers and can help you manage your funding and collection needs, whether at the state, local or federal level.

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Mid-Market Companies

Mid-market businesses have payment processing needs that require different solutions than their smaller counterparts. Multiple locations and users, higher transaction volumes, and varying state and local regulations create unique challenges that can’t be solved by one-size-fits-all payment processing products. We can assess your situation and the appropriateness of payment solutions for you.

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Petroleum/Convenience Stores

To deliver premium service, you need credit card payment processing solutions that offer top-speed authorizations, high system availability, innovative reporting solutions, as well as the right gift card and loyalty programs. As a leading petroleum merchant services provider for the independent petroleum and convenience store sector, we have the right products and services for your business.

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Business to Business / Business to Government

If you sell to other businesses and / or government agencies, you are eligible for our Business Interchange Program which is designed to reduce the rates for the most expensive cards (i.e. Visa / MasterCard Purchasing or Corporate cards, or fleet cards). Terminals are not capable of providing these rates.

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Hospitality and Resorts

The hospitality and resort industry requires the integration of profit and cost centers into a coherent singular payment processing system. PayAssist personnel have provided solutions to a variety of companies in this industry.